Since announcing my run for Mayor last July, I have discussed my vision for our City with residents, business owners and organizations here in Loves Park. I detailed my vision for our community on literature I have been passing out since July.  My opponent decided to start his campaign these past couple of weeks and has basically chosen to mimic my priorities and vision.  Loves Park deserves a Mayor who will lead, not follow.

I am not a yes man to be led around.  I am running for Mayor to implement my vision of Loves Park where our roads are fixed and do not crumble within a year, where our small businesses  are supported  and given the opportunity to thrive, where our neighborhoods are safe and attractive, where services offered are high quality and customer service is just as important as problem resolution, and where we are financially stable without placing additional tax burdens on our citizens and local businesses.  These are a few examples of my vision to better Loves Park.

I have held many citizen meet and greets within neighborhoods across Loves Park. I have walked the streets of our community seeing firsthand the need for infrastructure improvements. I know the economy has been hard on our citizens and the financial stability of our local government.  I do not believe a government should tax its way out of situations because it is an easy solution.  Instead, we must ensure our community grows its tax base by supporting small business. I have toured local businesses and spoke as to how I would support their efforts while listening to their needs.  As Community Development Chairman, I have supported the creation of many local businesses choosing to locate within our City.

We have an opportunity to elect our next Mayor who will set the course our City will take.  I am in this to better Loves Park.  I will bring innovation to our departments, clean up our City and ensure quality projects and work produced by staff. My opponent has stated he wants to "continue the success" and "if it ain't broke don't fix it". This is a backwards way to think and demonstrates how out of touch he is. As I walk these neighborhoods there are many improvements we can make in our City without much financial investment, but it will take a whole lot of effort and dedication. I have that dedication and have shown the effort and with your help I will lead Loves Park on a new path.

John's Small Business tour


For over 20 years, I have served as a member of the Finance committee and Chairman of Community Development. In those positions I have been deeply involved in both the financial and business growth of the City such as the Woodward facility on Harlem Rd. I am also Chairman of the Loves Park Bus Bench Committee. Our Bus Bench project brought both public and private partners together on a program that displays great community pride. We have invited young artists in the area to participate and their excitement and artwork has been amazing. This project was featured in the Illinois Municipal League magazine, and is currently being considered for a national award from Harvard University. As Mayor, I plan to continue pushing projects that will make all of us proud to say we are from Loves Park.  Thank you for visiting and contact me if you have any questions.

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Priorities for the future of Loves Park



John is on his small business tour here in Loves Park. John wants to focus on supporting local business to ensure our financial stability. This will save the residents and businesses added taxes and allow the City to reinvest in itself.


Reduce and Eliminate Utility Tax

This tax from the start I moved for a sunset clause to eliminate it when financial times improved. We are seeing those times start to come back and as Mayor I will promote an expansion of commercial base which will bring new revenue into our City. There are other measures inside the City to address to keep our obligations low. I will keep the wages of all elected officials FROZEN. I will also pledge that Longevity Bonuses for elected officials are never re-instated. I will ensure that the Budget is balanced I will ALWAYS make my decisions based upon what is best for the City and Not outside interests. 

Improvement of streets and sidewalks

Infrastructure must be addressed. Over the last year I have walked every single street in Loves Park, 4 times and plan to make many more trips. Our sidewalks are in some cases impassable and even treacherous. As Mayor I will increase the sidewalk budget dramatically

Establish new fire station/police sub-station to ensure balanced fire & police coverage city wide

Building a Fire Station/ Police sub-station in the eastern quadrant of the City is extremely high on my priority list as Mayor. The citizens are paying insurance premiums at a rate of two to three times higher than they should be due to our poor ISO rating.

Aggressively pursue the redevelopment of N. 2nd and other corridors in the City

We must revive the N. 2nd St. overlay plan that I drew up several years ago. N. Second St. is the GATEWAY to the City and gives us our Identity. This will also help improve our corridor business climate.

Support current businesses and promote future economic development

I will work with local small business to insure that they as well as the City continue to have growth and prosperity. I have been meeting with local business owners and will do all that I can to help them be successful.

Expand community safety programs including Neighborhood Watch

I support these programs because they work and cost the City nothing financially. I support community efforts to clean-up our City of crime and blight.

Host area events to foster community spirit

I have hosted many events in the City bringing neighbors and the surrounding community together. It is my priority to engage and promote all our area has to offer. I will create a positive atmosphere that recognizes Loves Park as a great place to live, shop, work and play.

Ensure a high quality of service

I will ensure that both the Fire and Police Departments have what they need to provide the Citizens of Loves Park the type of services they deserve.I will seek out innovative technology and processes to enhance services.  I will also ensure that staff in all departments are courteous and respond appropriately to resolve citizen issues timely.

Maintain zero property tax rate

I will be fiscally responsible and keep a very close watch over all City expenditures. Also, the state is currently trying to give municipalities the option of Home Rule at 5,000 residents as opposed to the required 25,000. This election for the next Mayor is important to hold the line on taxes. We need someone who is trustful that will not circumvent the people to enact a property tax as would be allowed with Home Rule. I will guarantee  that I will not support or impose a property tax through Home Rule powers.

Update current City Comprehensive Plan

Just like the most well thought out plan if it is not followed or updated it is not worth the paper it is printed on. I have created many overlay districts and developed numerous plans to compliment our Comprehensive Plan. It is time we look at our needs and put ourselves in a position to redevelop our infrastructure and encourage future growth here in Loves Park. This is not a new idea, but one I have continuously been helping update over the years. I will ensure that our future goals are addressed as I have been working to do so over the years.